Lucca Siaudzionis


Hi! I'm Lucca, a human who loves algorithms, problem-solving, and talking about films. You can find me in Vancouver, where I'm doing a Masters in Computer Science at UBC.

Every word I say about myself is biased. That's why I have outsourced this task to "trusted" reviewers. This is what they came up with:
"10/10 - IGN." - Victor Sales
Lucca is a human being. - David Zheng
As a UBC student, Lucca always showed immense care for his own learning and ability to manage a number of very diverse courses. Besides that, every time he studied, it was clear how Lucca was an incredibly talented problem solver, with significant skills in algorithms and data structures. I also had the opportunity to see Lucca’s efforts being recognized when he received a number of great Yelp reviews. - Daniel Lu
Dancing skills: 4/10. - @coderbea
I Lucca forward to the Lucca every day. — @eyqs
Totally unbiased review: Lucca is the second most talented person I know (next to me). I, however, concede that he might be better than me when it comes to algorithms, being tall, handsome in a marlon brando kind of way (not in the godfather but that one photo he had from like the 50s or something. I don’t know what movie it is but Lucca can probably tell you because he’s well-rounded that way). Anyway he’s really good. You should hire him, you’d be lucky to hire him. I’ve tried to recruit him several times to salsa dance, but he doesn’t go, so if he accepts your offer, maybe you should be his girlfriend instead. I digress. Lucca is VERY VERY smart. But is this review for him as a boyfriend or him as like an employee? If it’s the latter, you won’t regret it. But he might get upset if you make him do react / any frontend work. If he does this, remember to pat him on the head twice and give him food, preferably from Sushi Aria. - Lucca’s girlfriend @coderbea
Lucca is a fire, the one desire. Believe when I say: Lucca is this way. - Walter Marinho
I am relatively confident that Lucca exists. - Brandon Zhang
Lucca is everyone’s favourite ______. He’s very capable of _______, and is very _______. I highly recommend Lucca’s ______ and would encourage you to do so as well. - Eric Semeniuc
Lucca, as the CEO of capitalism, has infinite knowledge of everything, capable of bending elements to his will and mispronouncing my last name. It is said that once he masters all 4 elements, he will become the next avatar. - Jamie Polintan
Lucca is excellent at cheating in poker. - Daniel Du
Every blonde has their brunette, but this brunette doesn't need any blonde to get things done, albeit at the cost of a constant supply of coffee. — Victor Sales
Lucca has a very entertaining basement. - Gwen Li
Lucca’s hair game is on point. Is always a welcome addition to any photo op; will increase the average attractiveness of any group photo with CS students. - David Chong
Lucca is the genius mastermind who is personally responsible for the Robinhood infinite money glitch and was kind enough to give me inside access to it before he let the story go public. (Disclaimer: Tyler Malloy has been instructed by legal counsel to declare unequivocally that neither he nor Mr Lucca Siaudzionis admit to any wrongdoing regarding the so-called ‘infinite money glitch’ or any other illicit activity). Since then I’ve been arrested by the chair of the SEC personally and am serving 12 consecutive life sentences for ‘securities fraud’ as the fall man while he walks free. But I’d do it all again since I’m a full-blown ride-or-die stan and his word is law. - Tyler J. Malloy
Lucca puts the "stud" in grad student. I can claim some responsibility for the graduate part. - Tim Branch
I believe David should fact check his assumption that Lucca is a human. We cannot let simple blank statements get in the way of our due diligence, least we fall to the trap of fake news. - Rubens Farias